Pair the best food with the best Wine!!! Know how

Pair the best food with the best Wine!!! Know how
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Wine lovers are directly proportional to food lovers. Can you have pizza without the seasoning? It will taste good but not the best. If you are passionate about wine, why not pair it with the best food that either complements it or contrasts well? People know about the two varieties of wine-white wine and red wine. There are a number of wines that come under each category. Let us know of the top ten. Trust me! Once you know how wine blends well with food, you will never want to pair it with anything else. Wine tastes the best when not compromised.

Wine and Food pairing that you have never known before

Cabernet Sauvignon (Red wine): It has been known as one of the best wine varieties in the world. It has its roots in France, Australia, California and Chile. It is a full bodied red wine and complements red meat the best when cooked in the simplest tone.


Merlot pronounces as Mer-lo (Red wine): It is another great addition to the cellar of red wine and tastes great. It is a largely produced on the west coast of the USA, Australia and some other countries. The specialty of this wine is that it emulates any food well.

Airen (White wine): One of the best qualities in White wine. It is a baby of Central Spain and a hot favorite too. Foods which can be paired apt with this wine are garlic prawns, broccoli and grilled sardine with green pepper.

Tempranillo (Red Wine): Another wine specialty which is red in color and dry in nature is a product of Spain. The wine tastes magical when paired with Italian food or Mexican crisps.

Chardonnay (White Wine): It is that white wine which got has been living up to its fame since the 1990’s and is an excellent wine that complements and sea good and chicken.

Syrah (Red Wine): It is also known by a different name Shiraz. It is grown in France, Australia and California. Syrah wine can be paired with a wide range of meat; from beef to steak to stews.

Grenache (Red Wine): More popular in countries like France, Italy, United States, Australia and Spain, it has grown on many other countries off late. When poured in a gorgeous wine glass, the wine appears stunning. Usually wines aren’t paired with ethnic food but this wine has the taste to die for when paired with food served in herbs; ranging from meat to vegetables.

Trebbiano (White wine): This particular wine originated in Italy giving rise to the increase in the number of lovers of this wine. It tastes good even without any food to it but if you want to taste something with it, then sardines with vinegar and crayfish laksa.

Sauvignon Blanc (White wine): The origin being in France, the wine’s popularity owes a lot to the country. It complements a myriad of food options. White meat and fish can be paired along this wine. Spices and herbs are perfect for it too. Cheese makes another apt pairing and vegans would love to pair it with vegetables of their choice.

Pinot Nair (Red wine): The aroma of this wine lures many. An ideal wine choice for girls and the fruity aroma can get anyone dancing to its tune. When we talk wine, how can we forget salmon and lamb? This wine pairs impeccably well with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb and cuisines of Japan.

While writing about those exotic wine and food pairings, I am tempted to go and try. Do let us know which pairing sounds interesting to you?

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